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Every business needs loyal customers

Deliver results for companies, offering proven strategies
to increase customer loyalty, in a totally innovative way.

Build Customer Loyalty

Build Customer Loyalty

69% of customers are influenced by advantage programs.

Reward Customers

Reward Customers

Loyal customers spend an average of 67% more than new customers.

Increase Revenue

Increase Revenue

15% of loyal customers correspond to 65 - 70% of sales.

The benefits of the Loyalty Card on mobile are countless!

Increase Revenue

Loyalty programs can increase the average ticket by more than 10%, increasing customer revenue.

Happy Consumers

Consumers love a treat for their loyalty, there is no better way to keep customers loyal.

Customers Come Back

Loyalty programs encourage consumers to come back and buy again from their customers.

Low Cost

Create a campaign with a large number of loyalty cards at an affordable cost.

Eliminate Fraud

Our registration system validates users and points, eliminating risks and fraud.


Find out who your most loyal customers are and how often you visit with valuable statistics.

Zupy! The 1st Mobile Application Franchise in Brazil

The most innovative Mobile Marketing Micro Franchise in the country!


Fully Customized

Create an Advantage Club, customized for the company, from the visual part of the layout, such as the scoring and award rules.

Easy to Deploy

Simple and powerful platform that allows you to create and modify cards in real time, just by dragging and dropping.

Extremely Safe

Through a Scanner App, authorize who can validate the cards and have control of the points distributed and prizes redeemed.

Geo Fecing and Push Notification

Trigger push notification messages automatically when the customer approaches your establishment.

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