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Wi-Fi Marketing

Connect and Retain your Customers

The smartest way to use proximity marketing!

Stop offering free Wi-Fi to your customers

Being that you can receive something much more valuable in return.
Wi-fi is your chance to win or lose your connection with your customers.

Social Wi-Fi

Social Wi-Fi

Instead of a password, the visitor connects through a simple registration with his social network.



Increase the social promotion of companies by interacting and disseminating on social networks.



Create a customer base to disseminate news, promotions, events and research.

Benefits with Wi-Fi Marketing on Autopilot!

Innovative Marketing

Turn your Wi-Fi into a tool for disseminating and generating customer records, all in an automated way.

Automatic Campaigns

Trigger surveys, welcome messages and birthday messages. Display different screens according to days and times, all automatically.

Multi Languages

Personalization of the access screen in Portuguese, Spanish, English and French, perfect solution for hotels and inns, coworking, coffee shops ...

Check-in on Facebook

Enable check-in, sharing promotions, websites, blogs, tagging friends, feelings, writing a sentence, posting on your social network wall.

Custom Searches

Find out how your service is doing or if you need to improve your products and services, shoot by email or on Wi-Fi by customer type.


Integrated system with E-mail Marketing tools, CRMs, SMS and WhatsApp, Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, RD Station and LeadLovers.

Zupy! The 1st Mobile App Franchise in Brazil

The most innovative Mobile Marketing Micro Franchise in the country!


Easier Connection

Quick and easy connection for your customers, choose how you want to allow access: through Facebook, Twitter, Email and even WhatsApp, our platform is the most flexible in the world!

Email, SMS and WhatsApp

Create campaigns and send messages by E-mail, SMS or WhatsApp to all your customers quickly and simply, create polls and based on the responses send your messages!

Your Secure Network

A separate Wi-Fi network is created exclusively for its customers, with time, connection and speed limits, providing security against viruses and intrusions, in addition to the Marco Civil Law.

Reports and Campaigns

Know your customers' profile with a database rich in information such as sex, birthday, frequency of visit and trigger campaigns and surveys automatically.

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